Who We Are

Our VisioN

Working to realize the goal of a skilled India by empowering every Indian citizen and granting them access to health care, education, and other resources.

To envisions a society in which all youth have access to possibilities for fulfilling work. We endeavor to give young people the tools they need to succeed in the job and create better futures for themselves and their communities through mentoring, skill development, and business collaborations.

B K Welfare Foundation (NGO)

Our Mission

To serve as a knowledge and execution partner for development programs in schools, NGOs, corporations, and government agencies across India.

B K Welfare Foundation (NGO)

What We Do

Skill Training Initiatives

We are committed to supporting marginalized youth through our Retail Trainee Associate Training program. With the generous support of Reliance Foundation, Bosch and Raymond, we offer comprehensive training in communication skills, personal development, and interview preparation.
we have trained and placed over 350 youth across Reliance stores, Flipkart, Amazon, Westside, PVR Inox, Croma, CCD, Burger King, and more.

Women Empowerment

The primary goal of the BK Welfare Foundation is to empower women. The organization provides women with opportunities for mentorship, skill-building courses, and vocational training so they can succeed in both personal and professional domains. These projects open doors for women and their families. Since finishing this program, 185 young people have opened businesses like cyber cafés, printing shops, and stationery stores with success.

E-Rickshaw Training

E-Rickshaw Training Program: The BK Welfare Foundation introduced an E-Rickshaw training program as part of its dedication to sustainable mobility and economic development. The organization helps people become independent e-rickshaw drivers by offering training in driving techniques, upkeep, and entrepreneurship. This promotes environmentally friendly transportation options and creates job opportunities.

Physical Disability Training

BK Welfare Foundation is an inclusive and caring organization that offers assistance to people with disabilities. Through customized training programs and job placement support, the foundation makes sure that no one is left behind. The foundation fosters an inclusive society where individuals with disabilities are empowered to thrive by supporting accessibility and fighting for their rights.

Educational Initiatives

Education is a fundamental right of every citizen. Literacy and level of education are basic indicators of the level of development achieved by a society. We are making efforts to make excellent education accessible to all. Improving literacy skills especially in girls is our prime concern. Orgainzation support to Street and working children in education

Mass Awareness Sessions

Positive change requires awareness, and BK Welfare Foundation is fully aware of this. By organizing public awareness campaigns on a range of social issues, including environmental protection, health, and cleanliness, the organization enables communities to make educated decisions. These workshops create the foundation for sustainable growth by encouraging an attitude of awareness and accountability.

COVID Relief Efforts

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, BK Welfare Foundation made a greater effort to assist communities who were at risk. The organization gave those in need a lifeline by giving them prepared meals, necessary materials, and healthcare services. Through organizing volunteers and utilizing local networks, BK Welfare Foundation exhibited fortitude and empathy in the face of hardship.

Education Support

Since education is the foundation of progress, the BK Welfare Foundation is dedicated to making sure that everyone has equal access to high-quality education. Through educational programs, school supply distribution, and scholarships, the organization helps young people reach their full potential. The BK Welfare Foundation creates the groundwork for future generations to enjoy a better and more prosperous future by funding education.

Success Stories

Overcoming Challenges with Support : Firoz, a young man with hearing loss, had many difficulties throughout his life, particularly in obtaining financial security. He contacted the BK Welfare Foundation, an organization that aids persons in need, determined to make his circumstances better.

Achieving Financial Stability: Firoz obtained the required resources and training with the help of the foundation, and he eventually got a job with Reliance. He currently makes 18,000 rupees a month, which is a big step towards his goal of becoming financially independent and successful in his personal life.


Mehak was raised in a middle-class home, but her father’s cancer diagnosis caused them to lose everything, including their money. Despite her worsening financial situation and fading hope, Mehak was determined to provide for her family. During her lowest point, she discovered BK Welfare Foundation. Inspired by her story, the charity offered a helping hand. They assisted her in getting employment at PVR INOX, where she currently makes ₹24,000 a month. This opportunity not only stabilized her family’s financial situation but also lifted their spirits. Thanks to the loving support of BK Welfare Foundation and her unbreakable spirit, Mehak’s life transformed from one of despair to one of resilience and victory.


Haider the only child of his elderly parents, faced a challenging journey. Initially working in a factory making tubelights, Haider’s determination and perseverance eventually led him to a better opportunity. With the support of the B K Welfare Foundation NGO, he secured a job at Cafe Coffee Day. Now, completing his second year there, Haider earns a steady salary of 25,000 per month. Grateful for the NGO’s support, Haider’s story is a testament to hard work and the power of community assistance in transforming lives.


Farheen “Life tested me when I lost my father, but BK Welfare Foundation became my lifeline. Their support gave me hope and helped me rebuild. Now at Starbucks, earning ₹25,000/month, I’m grateful beyond words. Thank you, BK Welfare Foundation!”