Who We Are

Our VisioN

To work towards creating a better India providing education health and empowerment to every citizen of india achieving the vision of Skilled India.

B K Welfare Foundation (NGO)

Our Mission

To be a Knowledge / Execution Partner of Schools, NGOs, Corporate, and Government agencies for development programmes across India.

B K Welfare Foundation (NGO)

What We Do

Skill Training Initiatives

To Support all Marginalised youth in Retail Trainee Associate Training with the Support of Reliance Foundation, Bosch, Hero Honda and Raymond. Placed in different domain of Reliance Product. Overall 350 Youth trained and placed in different location as required From Reliance store and rest placed as Youth Aspirations.

Women Empowerment Programme

The Main Objective of this training to support and create the business idea incubation to youth who wants to start own Business, start own livelihood in future. There are 185 youth started own business after this training-Cyber Café, Printing work, Stationery Shop etc.

E-Rickshaw Training Programme

B K Welfare Foundation (NGO) has proposed to implement a livelihood project in Delhi area, which will be focused on providing training on driving E-rickshaw and capacity building of lower income group people to adopt E-rickshaw as a new source of livelihood with the support of Sita Devi

Physical Disability Training Programme

B K Welfare Foundation (NGO) are doing also with Physically Handicapped youth who wants to do better in her life.The Organization support in training and placement as aspiration and capability in job work station The Youth placed in different domain like Retail,Caling and reception after the 1 month Training.Overall 95 PWD youth trained and 70% placed in Job.

Educational Initiatives

Education is a fundamental right of every citizen. Literacy and level of education are basic indicators of the level of development achieved by a society. We are making efforts to make excellent education accessible to all. Improving literacy skills especially in girls is our prime concern. Orgainzation support to Street and working children in education

Mass Awareness Sessions

Mass Awareness session:-Increase community education and awareness about child abuse, including strategies for prevention, intervention and treatment.
Serve as a community coordinating and communication body for agencies/individuals involved in prevention/intervention/treatment of child physical, sexual & emotional

Success Stories

Mantasha, A girl coming out of absurdity with flying colors! Instead of all the odds in the family and surrounding, such as lack of educational opportunity, endless responsibilities at such a tender age and what not, she proves that if given the right amount of support and proper hand holding, the capacity of youth is infinite.

Rising Star- With the TRRAIN Program created by B K Welfare Foundation, she is now self-capacitive and is earning more than Rs. 15,000/- per month in a well reputed organization.

Gratitude- She gives the credit to B K Welfare Foundation (NGO) for guiding in the light and path for success. It would have been so difficult, if I had not gotten the chance from this organization.


A boy with determination
a boy from Delhi, Bhajanpura has made his impressions on the capital of the country! A young boy who has the disability of orthopedic, with low family income and a lot of responsibilities he lost his hope of being financially independent.
Golden Opportunity-He got identified by the Mobilization team of B K Welfare Foundation and got enrolled in the Pankh Programme curated by the Organization with the association of TRRAIN. With the complete guidance and support by B K Welfare Foundation, he is now working in the KFC, as a cashier, located in Ghaziabad and is earning more than Rs. 12,600/- per month. He is thankful to B K Welfare Foundation (NGO) for being the eyes to his path of success and continuously providing him support and handholding.