Educational Initiatives

To work towards creating a better India which provides basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen and Achieving the vision of ‘Skilled India’.

Our Projects

Altima Security Technologies pride themselves on not merely supplying equipment’s but providing solutions to their client’s problems by helping design systems for each specific project, by utilizing our vastly experienced engineers and the latest AutoCAD Design system.

Altima Security Technologies with over 10 years of Business and Systems Integration Experience of our Core Management, Altima Security Technologies is a Specialized Solution Provider of Complete Range of Physical Security & Integrated Building Management System in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Residential and Government facility environments. We provide application consultancy, product selection, design, execution and maintenance services for the use of high technology of latest Electronic Security and Advanced Building Solutions.


CSR Initiative for Children Education:- 

Education is a fundamental right of every citizen. Literacy and level of education are basic indicators of the level of development achieved by a society. We are making efforts to make excellent education accessible to all. Improving literacy skills especially in girls is our prime concern. Orgainzation support to Street and working children in education and aware about child right in slums Area East Delhi supported by Altima security Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Education Programme around 1991 children supported till date, enroll in formal education support

The street children (most vulnerable) cannot go to school, they are on the street trying to survive. When these children are given a chance they work hard, want to learn, and do their best.

We have seen the malnourished, hungry, sick, dirty little children with no hope in their eyes change when they receive food, a school uniform, the chance to go to school, medical care, and love from the staff and volunteers who work at the Children’s Centers. Some of our children have the highest scores in their class, and realize they can become what they dream.

How We Help

The Outreach Program provides a safe place for the most vulnerable children to gather for the purpose of obtaining items needed to receive an education, and a nutritious meal. Outreach Program provides the opportunity for individuals to become Children’s Support Program Supporters to help fund school uniforms and school supplies and the care received at the Children’s Centers.